Preterminated Fiber Cable

Preterminated Fiber Cable



The Gigamedia brand is associated with quality voice, data and video solutions!

Preterminated cable assemblies are the ideal solution for environments with cable trays, raised floor or raceways systems in commercial buildings, data centers, temporary installations or disaster recovery. They are the perfect Plug & Play installation with no training required!

Gigamedia has implemented its own workshop to be able to deliver high quality preterminated fiber optic assemblies, under tight deadlines. Our fiber optic assemblies are made of selected high-grade components and manufactured in a stringent quality controlled environment, tested and labeled. Performance is built-in.
GIGAMEDIA assemblies meet your requirements for higher quality, performance, reliability and lower installation times.


To ensure a superior assembly, each component is selected and tested by our technicians.
After completion, connectors are protected by a protective sleeve with a pulling eye at each end.



Each preterminated assembly is tested fiber by fiber after termination, for Insertion Loss investigation,
and a test report is attached to each trunk delivered. Each assembly has an unique tracking number.

When you choose GIGAMEDIA preterminated fiber assemblies, you are guaranteed a high quality and performance product that requires minimal time to install, reducing your manpower costs to a minimum:

  • No field termination
  • Quick plug & play installation


To find out more information about this preterminated fiber cable or any other Gigamedia product, please contact Dave Thomas on