Dubai rules & Philips LED lamps

Dubai rules & Philips LED lamps




Dubai have taken the LED lighting revolution by the horns by demanding that all new buildings built in Dubai will shortly be compelled by law to install specific LED lamps!

Philips has been chosen as the partner to supply millions of LED light sources to the emirate. Authorities in Dubai signed a five-year contract with Philips to create the ‘Dubai Lamp’, which, it it is claimed, will be the first commercially available 200 lumen per Watt LED lamp.

The new fixtures will replace 80 percent of traditional lights currently in the emirate’s residential buildings, and, as of this year, all new buildings constructed in the city will have have to feature the Philips LED.

Fitting LED in new buildings will be made the basic requirement for getting a Building Completion Certificate, by the end of this year.

Philips has been commissioned by the Dubai authorities to manufacture and supply two million of the ‘Dubai Lamps’, which will not contain mercury or generate heat. The Dubai Municipality plans to install 10 million Dubai Lamps before the end of 2021.

It will be made the basic requirement for getting a building completion certificate. This will be beneficial for both sides. The owner of the building will be able to save a lot of money on energy charges and we will able to protect the environment.

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You can also download the Philips LED lamp brochure here