Dundalk Branch goes greener with Solar PV

Dundalk Branch goes greener with Solar PV

Following the successful implementation of a fully operational Solar PV system at our Tramore Road branch in Cork, Kellihers Electrical continues to lead the way implementing renewable energy and energy efficiency solutions across our extensive branch network.

After a lighting retrofit to install energy-efficient LED fittings and installation of an Electric Vehicle (EV) charger, our Dundalk branch has now received an array of high-performance Photovoltaic Panels. Fitted to the roof of the building. This 5.5kW array should offset a third of the branch’s electricity usage and will save almost 4 tonnes of carbon emissions — or the equivalent of planting 200 trees — each year.

When solar electricity production exceeds usage, the new system stores the excess energy in a battery. If usage exceeds supply, electricity from the battery is released to make up the shortfall. An added bonus of the solar PV/battery combination is that it provides a failsafe to keep the branch running during electrical outages.

Through our dedicated renewable energy division, Rexel Energy Solutions, we’re championing the adoption of innovative renewable energy systems throughout Ireland.

Why not call into your local branch to find out more… or check out the Rexel Energy Solutions website.