Elvi– future proof electric vehicle charging for the home

Elvi– future proof electric vehicle charging for the home

Elvi, a new electric vehicle charger from market leading EV Charging supplier EVBox, is designed to charge any new electric car coming into the market over the next decade. Suitable for home installation, Elvi is disrupting the EV Charging market, with an upgradeable modular design and innovative technology that delivers a new charging experience.

ELVI-blackEV-Box, the international market leader in electric vehicle charging technology, announced Elvi, a new upgradable Electric Vehicle Charging Station, in late 2017. Some of Elvi’s unique features include:

  • Upgradeable power output technology: Electric vehicle batteries are evolving at a phenomenal pace, with capacity and corresponding charging levels growing apace. Many electric vehicle drivers find they need a new charging station whenever they change their car. Not so with Elvi. Its unique, modular technology allows users to easily upgrade the capacity of their charger to match the demands of their new vehicle.
  • Fully connected, interoperable ready and smart: Elvi incorporates all the latest industry standards. It is ready for interoperable charging cards (roaming) and is compatible with other charging networks. Elvi is connected to a new cloud-based platform developed by EV-Box, and includes EV-Box’s smart charging technology, like dynamic load balancing.
  • A modular disruptive design: Elvi is built up from 3 different components: the wall dock, the charging station and the charging cable. The wall dock can be pre-installed by electricians prior to the arrival of the charging station module, after which the EV driver can easily click on the charger and attach the charging cable. This allows for easier and more timely installation at individual homes, apartment complexes or small commercial premises.

Watch the video below for an overview of Elvi.

“Elvi is truly the only charger electric vehicle drivers will ever need,” declared Kristof Vereenooghe, CEO at EV-Box at the product’s launch. “No matter what electric vehicle is launched by manufacturers over the next 10 years, Elvi will be fully compatible, it can upgrade its power output without having to replace the whole station and brings a fresh design to attract the new generation of electric vehicle drivers.”

Wondering how easy Elvi is to install? Here’s a step by step video that shows you exactly what’s involved:

For more information on Elvi check out the Elvi Product Page on the EV-Box website.

We distribute Elvi in Ireland through our renewable energy division, Rexel Energy Solutions (find out more here), and you’ll find selected Elvi options available through our nationwide Kellihers/CT Electric branch network.