Halogen ban: are you in the dark?

Halogen ban: are you in the dark?

On the 1st of September, a ban on vast majority of halogen spotlights used in homes and business came into effect, but many people are in the dark about it. The September 2016 ban is stage one of the phase-out process, aimed towards one-directional halogen bulbs.

The second phase of the ban focuses on non-directional halogen bulbs and was originally due to come into effect in September 2016 as well, but during 2015 it was postponed to 2018.

With the incandescent phase out already completed, there were many concerns that the halogen ban would leave few affordable and reliable lighting options, which led the European commission to postpone the non-directional halogen ban to 2018.

However, technological improvements and cost reductions in mains voltage LED spotlights, meant the stage one 2016 ban for directional halogens was upheld. But, with little media spotlight on the imminent halogen ban, a significant number of those whom the ban is applicable to are not aware of its existence.

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