New Measures to make Ireland greener

New Measures to make Ireland greener

Challenges with climate change have been addressed for the first time since the recession began in the most recent Irish budget.

Ireland needs to hit it’s carbon emissions target and several measures were outlined by the government recently.

€100 Million Spend

Rexel Energy Solutions CatalogueThe Government has committed to spending €100 million energy projects in 2017 with the aim of reducing our carbon emissions by 116,000 each year and supporting 3,000 jobs. Plans to expand energy efficiency and renewable energy programmes across the country at a cost of €24million were also announced, while €500,000 will be invested in a forum to discuss best climate practices.

Home Owners

There’s some relief for home-owners too; €7million has been allocated to a new Renewable Heat Incentive Scheme, and €2million will be given to the Better Energy Homes Scheme to support individual householders in making energy efficiency improvements to their homes.

Other measures designed to meet the challenge of climate change include the following:

  • A relief from vehicle registration on electric vehicles for five years, as well as extending the relief for hybrids for two years.
  • Drivers of large vehicles will be encouraged to switch from diesel to natural gas.
  • All solid fuels that have a biomass element will gain a relief from carbon tax.
  • €50million in capital spending will be spent on the Renewable Heat Incentive, better energy grants as well as the electric vehicles subsidy.
  • The Green Low-Carbon Agri Environmental Scheme (GLAS) will increase to €211 million.

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