Own brand CCT 15W Polo

Own brand CCT 15W Polo

  • December 2, 2020
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Own brand LED 15w CCT3 2D Fitting

Kellihers and CT Electric have the perfect solution for your 2D fittings. This new 15w CCT3 slim polo fitting is the perfect LED replacement for 28W 2D fittings. It is particularly suited to low ceilings or narrow corridors where a shallower light fittings is less intrusive into the space. Efficient, high quality LED’s together with selectable colour temperature, combinations of integral sensor and emergency provide a suite of solutions for all surface applications.

Features & Benefits:

  • Suitable for use in retail shops, public buildings, communal areas, sports centres, stairwells, corridors, walkways
  • Complete switch allowing to select 3000K, 4000K or 6500K colour temperature
  • Slim profile with a height of only 90mm
  • Impact Rating of IK09
  • IP65
  • High efficiency Pro-diffuser allows maximum light transmission, provides low glare, creates even light distribution
  • High efficacy of 82-94lm/W


A numbers of versions are available for enhanced functionality which include:

  • Non-emergency fittings controlled by external switch or sensor
  • Maintained Integral Emergency which provides lighting for exit route traverse when power fails
  • Sensor – for automatic on/off to make further energy savings
  • Emergency + sensor for combined functionality


For fast and simple mounting of the base it has:

  • A number of moulded cable entry points
  • Moulded BESA box fixings for surface conduit wiring
  • Surface stand-offs for rough or uneven surfaces
  • A twist and lock trim allows fast access to internal area

Download the datasheet here

Code Description Wattage (W) Warranty (yrs) Lifetime (hrs) Lumens (lm) Efficacy (lm/W) Colour Temp (K) CRI
2755105 Standard 15W 5 50,000 1100/1200/1275 73/80/85 3,000/4,000/6,500 85
2755106 Sensor 15W 5 50,000 1100/1200/1275 73/80/85 3,000/4,000/6,500 85
2755107 Emergency 15W 5 50,000 140/150/150 73/80/85 3,000/4,000/6,500 85
2755108 Emergency & Sensor 15W 5 50,000 140/150/150 73/80/85 3,000/4,000/6,500 85

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