Smart Home Energy Monitoring with Smappee

Smart Home Energy Monitoring with Smappee

Smappee -- smarter home energy monitoring from KellihersKellihers is delighted to introduce Smart Home Energy Monitoring with Smappee, the “world’s smartest energy monitor”. This innovative monitor is suitable for domestic and commercial installation and can give you an itemised run-down of your energy usage appliance by appliance.

Removing the guesswork

Snappee gives you real-time energy readings, displays costs and allows you to switch appliances on and off remotely using your smartphone, tablet or computer. In the free app you’ll find out all about your total energy use and standby power consumption, at a glance. Smappee detects all of the important electrical appliances in your home, as each one has a unique electrical signature.

Via the app you get get real-time readings of appliance usage and running costs on your tablet or smartphone.

In short: Smappee makes saving easy, because it allows you to make informed energy-saving decisions based on exactly where energy is being used around your home or business.

Simple, Affordable, Effective

Smappee gives you a Smart Home for the price of a smart phone, and with the addition of Comfort Plugs™, it even lets you control your home appliances remotely. A simple tap of the screen turns them on or off. Using special “triggers” in the app, appliances can even interact with each other, automatically turning on or off based on what other appliances are doing. Smappee can also connect with other Internet of Things (IoT) enabled devices to take home automation to new levels. For example you could have your whole house set to power up instantly when you are within walking distance of your front door, and automatically switch everything off when the last person leaves.

  • Free apps for Android and Apple iOS devices – no ongoing subscription fees

For more information on the Smappee click on the link. You can see a PDF file with guidance on the simple installation procedure here.

And of course, as always, you can ask for more information about Smappee at your local Kellihers branch.

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