Specialist Lighting Design Team

In House Lighting Design Teamastrotek

An in-house lighting design service team with CAD designers Declan, and Karol is also provided by Kellihers.

Our lighting experts can design and specify the best lighting solution for the customers’ needs. This entails checking to see how many and what type of fittings would be required to light a certain space to conform to best practise and meet any regulations relating to the intended use of that space.google-dublinhq_astrotek2

We are available to assist with:
› Developing commercial lighting plans
› Recommending product selection
› Calculating payback periods
› Consulting to improve energy efficiency and building energy performance ratings.

We can source high quality lighting solutions to provide a complete design and supply service. Our core areas of expertise are in commercial, medical, pharma, retail, and industrial/infrastructure applications as well as educational and high spec residential. Our team of designers particularly enjoy projects requiring bespoke or customised solutions.


We provide comprehensive design resources, high quality product range and competitive prices which enable us to meet the needs of our clients as well as the requirements of the end-user. We are also aware of the importance of back up and support during the whole working process to ensure that the project will be successful in terms of quality and time.

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Architects & Interior Designers

Architecture needs to respond creatively to contemporary cultural, economic, social and environmental factors. We fully understand the challenges which architects have to face and the importance of architectural work in modern times.

We fully understand the importance of luminaires which have to be integrated into the architectural design to create the big picture and to bring the architectural work to perfection. We see it as our objective to supply architects with high quality and innovative products which support the architectural concept. Furthermore we want the finished product to have a positive effect on everyone who experiences it. That’s why we want to be a part of the big picture to make architectural concepts happen and to provide the architectural concept with its principal beauty, LIGHT.

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