Solar PV Panels
Solar PV Panels are becoming more & more important as we drive towards the goal of zero emissions as a nation

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Solar PV Panels | Solar PV Ireland

We stock Solar PV Panels / modules from a wide range of suppliers in our warehouses across Ireland, ready for next day delivery.

In Ireland we stock modules in various wattage and type, suitable for domestic and commercial applications. We stock everything to install and commission your photovoltaic modules, including roofing installation kits, inverters, micro-inverters, power optimisers and more.

Solar Inverters | Solar PV

Solar Inverters are used to convert the Direct Current (DC) energy produced by solar panels into usable Alternate Current (AC) energy to help power homes and commercial buildings

Our full solar inverter range of single phase inverters, three phase inverters and accessories consists of stock from leading, innovative manufacturers including Huawei, Growatt, Trannergy & Sonnen.

The new Huawei LUNA2000 energy storage system works seamlessly with their L1 and M1 Hybrid Inverters, and the Huawei P450 optimisers.

Huawei’s X2 Power System allows double the PV power versus the inverter size, once fully optimised. e.g. A 6kW (6KTL-L1) Huawei

Solar Inverter can take 12kWp of Solar PV input, once Huawei optimisers are used on each PV panel. Additionally, the 6kW inverter can provide full power to the consumer unit, and full power to the battery – simultaneously – allowing the owner to benefit from the full 12kWp of PV panel input, whilst still connecting at single phase

Microinverter Systems can improve energy harvest, and simplifies design, installation, and management of solar power systems. Microinverters maximise energy production by reducing the impact of shading, dust, and debris. They also allow you to monitor your solar PV panels, at a panel level, as opposed to a system level, via 24/7 monitoring and analysis. Microinverters are safe, as they remove the requirement for high voltage DC cabling within a building, and you can have rapid shutdown on the roof.

At Rexel Energy Solutions, we stock all the necessary products required for the installation and commissioning of a solar photovoltaic system. We supply everything you need to get your solar PV system up and running, and can deliver throughout Ireland.

Solar PV Module Mounting

We stock only the best quality products. Our selection of module mounting equipment includes mounting rails, mounting kits and mounting components, all designed to make the installation of your solar panels as easy as possible.

Free Design Software for Solar PV modules


Calculating the roof mounting materials for solar pv systems is easy with the ValkPVPlanner from Van der Valk. Integrated with both Google Maps and Bing Maps, if you can find your building or site online, then the ValkPVPlanner can help you design the system, work out the correct number of fixings needed, and perform wind loading calculations. Send your bill of materials to us for a full price including delivery.


  • User-friendly, fast, and complete
  • Choice of three design methods: draw a system without a building (Simple mode), on an existing building (Satellite map) or on a new building (White map)
  • Default values for the most common variables
  • Comprehensive report

Rexel Energy Solutions are the official stockists of Van der Valk solar mounting solutions across Ireland. We have large stocks of Van der Valk components in our main branches. Van der Valk works with Rexel divisions across Europe, and have been supplying aluminium and stainless steel systems since 1963!

Why Van der Valk Solar Systems?Canopy-1400x979-min

  • Innovative systems developed in compliance with applicable worldwide standards
  • Fast and reliable deliveries thanks to modern machinery and large stocks
  • System supplier since 1963
  • Free software for project design and project calculation
  • All systems applicable to any type of roof or surface
  • Quick assembly thanks to pre-mounting of essential components
  • Systems available in portrait as well as landscape configuration
  • Various systems also available as ready-to-use kits

Electrical bonding – Improved PV panel clamps

Van der Valk Solar Systems are continuously improving and growing their product range, in order to make their mounting systems for solar panels even better and more complete. They have upgraded their panel clamps to make electrical bonding of the panels frames with the mounting system fast and easy!

Electrical bonding of the panel frame with the mounting systemVan Der valk electrical bonding

Especially for PV-systems that use “transformerless” inverters it may be required to electrically bond all the metal parts in the system. This means that a conductive connection must also be established between the panel clamps and panel frames. This can be a challenge, since the panel frames are anodized, which isolates the panel from the rest of the mounting system. In order to offer a reliable and easy solution for installers, Van der Valk have now upgraded their panel clamps with a special stainless steel clip attached to the underside of the clamping plate.

The small extending dots on the stainless steel clip penetrate the anodized layer of the panel frame when the clamps are tightened in the normal way. In this way the conductive connection is automatically established.

The upgraded version of the panel clamps can be applied in new and existing ValkPro+ and ValkPitched installations.

Rexel Energy Solutions is the specialist solar electricity and energy solutions division of Rexel Ireland.

We operate via our branch network, Kellihers Electrical and CT Electric, Ireland’s largest electrical distributor.

Rexel Energy Solutions

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Rexel Energy Solutions is part of Rexel Ireland and they operate via our national electrical wholesale branches, Kellihers Electrical and CT Electric.

Note: We do not install any of the hardware we supply

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