NVC Emergency Lighting

NVC Emergency Lighting

  • April 1, 2021
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LED Emergency lighting

Almost all non-residential buildings require emergency lighting. Our product range of dedicated emergency light fittings covers all the most common requirements and they are all available with the latest lithium battery technology.

Lower Maintenance Costs

With old fluorescent and incandescent technologies lamps had to be changed regularly. The long life of LEDs means that this is no longer necessary, so maintenance cost are greatly reduced.

ReliabilityKellihersCT NVC Emergency lighting catalogue

Fluorescent lamps were never ideally suited to being run on batteries, so blackened lamp ends were a common problem indicating that a lamp was nearing the end of its life. LEDs are well suited to running on battery power and are therefore much more reliable.


New NVC Emergency Catalogue

Download the new emergency catalogue here.


Lithium Battery

NVC are leading the way in removing cadmium (a toxic heavy metal) from our product range. Gradually, all nickel-cadmium batteries in our emergency fittings are being replaced with lithium iron phosphate, which is both environmentally friendly and also delivers better performance in every respect.

Benefits of Lithium

  • Up to 50% savings on running costs vs. NiCd
  • Double the operational life, so half the cost to maintain
  • No toxic substances used in manufacture
  • Can be recycled