ATC Heating and Ventilation

ATC is established since 1991 and since that time we have evolved into a solution oriented company, developing, designing and distributing Energy Efficient products in response to market needs.

With an in-house technical team who bring experience, knowledge and passion to the ATC range of products. They are constantly striving to improve the efficiency and simplicity of the operation and workings of the products. This has resulted in a strong range of Energy Efficient Electric Heating, Ventilation and Hand Dryers.

Summer Outdoors SortedATC Sienna

ATC are bringing the indoors, outdoors. ATC have an excellent efficient selection of outdoor heaters perfectly suited to any domestic or commercial space. These heaters are the perfect solution to heat your space outdoors and come in different sizes & designs depending on the size of your area. Below are some of the more popular ATC outdoor heaters range and are stocked across the country.ATC Alfresco

ATC Electric Heating ranges

ATC have a wide range of electric heating products and solutions designed to suit every location and requirement whether it is residential or commercial. They can help you determine the right product for your next project.

ATC Lifestyle Range of Thermal RadiatorsATC Lifestyle

Modern in design and aesthetically pleasing to the eye. Manufactured in Europe the Lifestyle is a unique electric radiator that is stylish, energy efficient and easy to operate and install.

  • Simple to Program and operate
  • Large Easy to Read TFT LCD Display
  • Operating Modes – Eco – Comfort – Frost Protection
  • 10 Year Battery Backup for Program and Time
  • Triac Thermostat – Accurate to 0.2°C and Silent
  • PID Intelligent Control – improves Energy Efficiency
  • Open Window Technology – improves Energy Efficiency
  • Adaptive Start feature in Program mode – improves Energy Efficiency
  • Universal Wall Brackets for Quick Installation – Locks bottom of Radiator

ATC Almeria Digital Panel Heater

This panel heater is a very easy heater to program and to install. It can be operated in programmable mode or in manual mode by going into the settings menu. The heater is Lot 20 compliant and is designed to meet the EU’s new Energy Efficiency requirements.Almeira

  • Large easy to read TFT Screen with text menus
  • Easy to program
  • Operating modes -Program – Manual
  • 2 User adjustable Temperature settings – Comfort – Economy
  • Dedicated Boost facility with program advance mode
  • Up to 4 Program times per 24 hours
  • Open Window Technology – improves Energy Efficiency
  • Lockable Keypad
  • 7 Year Battery Life on program and time
  • Electronic Thermostat
  • 3 Models Available – 1000W – 1500W – 2000W
  • Thermal Safety Cut out


The ATC range of High Speed Hand Dryers offers a solution for every washroom, with options that are energy efficient, come in a range of designs and are stylish too!

We have multiple products within the ATC Hand drying range available nationwide as laid out below:

ATC Cub hand dryer


This product with it’s practical and sleek design is perfect for Cafe’s, offices and medium use washrooms.

  • Warranty: 1 Year
  • Activation – Automatic
  • Drying Time – 15 seconds
  • Air Speed – 65 m/s
  • Weight 3.2kg
  • Product Code: 4034033 (White). 4034030 (Stainless Steel). 4034031 (Black)

ATC Tiger Eco High Speed Hand DryerATC Tiger Eco

The ultra modern designed Tiger Eco High speed hand dryer is ideal for service stations, convenience stores and medium usage wash rooms.

  • Finish: In stainless steel or white
  • Warranty: 2 Year
  • Activation – Automatic
  • Air Speed – 70 m/s
  • Weight 4.1kg
  • Product Code: 4034040 (Stainless Steel). 4034041 (White).

ATC Cheetah High Speed Hand DryerATC Cheetah

This commercial type high speed hand dryer is perfect for service stations, convenience stores and medium usage wash rooms.

  • Finish: Black – Stainless Steel – White
  • Warranty: 2 Year
  • Activation – Automatic
  • Air Speed – 70 m/s
  • Weight: 4.5kg
  • Product Code: 4034028 (White). 4034029 (Stainless Steel). 4034038 (Black)

Underfloor Heating

ATC Electric Underfloor heating provides a very comfortable, efficient and economical addition or alternative to standard heating systems.

ATC electric underfloor heating is especially suitable for refurbished floors and new floor projects. It adds a fabulous feel of comfort and warmth to bathrooms, kitchens, conservatories or any general living area where ceramic or stone tiles are laid.

Energy Efficient
By using electric underfloor heating in conjunction with the ATC thermostats it should be possible to reduce the average room temperature by about 2˚C and still retain the same level of comfort. Our thermostats are easy to Install, Program and Simple to control. They areATC Underfloor Heating accurate to 0.4˚C and offer the best opportunity in reducing energy costs.

Healthy Option
Electric underfloor heating creates a healthy and comfortable environment. There is no air movement and therefore no travelling dust particles. This greatly benefits those who suffer from asthma.

Maintenance Free
Once the ATC electric underfloor heating is installed and tested as per the installation guidelines, the system is maintenance free.


ATC offer a wide range of efficient and extensive range of ventilation for residential areas. Their ventilation product range can wall or ceiling mounted fans for intermittent or continuous ventilation of bathrooms, toilets, kitchens or utility rooms.

Punto Standard Fans

Wall or ceiling mounted fans for intermittent or continuous ventilation of bathrooms, toilets, kitchens or utility rooms.

  • Available in 2 diameters, 100mm
    and 150mm • 20 models available with or without the option of automatic shutters, timer, pull cord, 12V, humidistat and PIR.
  • Wall or ceiling mounted
  • Can be ducted up to 4m
  • The standard models can be speed regulated.
  • Window kit available as an accessory
  • Ceiling Gasket available as an accessory
  • Splash proof IPX4 protection on all models.
  • IMQ data label ensures data and performance is third party certified.
  • Conforms to international standards: CEI EN 60335-2-80, CEI EN 60529 (code IP) and CEI 107-53/1986