Lighting Controls
Effective lighting controls ensure lighting installatons run efficiently, saving you energy and money
  • Widest range of lighting controls
  • Nationwide availability
  • Leading brands

Top Class Lighting Controls

In Kellihers and CT Electric we only deal with high quality lighting controls from PIR’s to whole systems such as that from Hager and their KLIK Lighting Connection & Control system.

We understand having the right options can make all of the difference when it comes to lighting. That’s why we carry a full line of controls from reputable brands to take care of all your installation needs, from start to finish!

Own Brand Lighting Controls

Kellihers and CT Electric have a new range of own brand lighting controls stocked nationally in our 23 strong branch network. With theLighting Controls below sensors you can be guaranteed you are getting the best type of lighting sensors for the right space that are specifically designed to maximize performance, energy efficiency and safety.

Download the Own brand lighting controls brochure here:Lighting controls

New Southgate Lighting Controls – Available from all branchesSouthgate Lightmesh

Whether your building requires occupancy sensors to switch lighting off when people are not present, daylight sensors that dim as sunlight enters through glass windows or just simple dimming functions, our team of lighting specialists can give you exactly what your project requires.

Southgates’s new range, Lightmesh™ is perfect for different applications like schools, offices and any where dimmable lighting control is needed.

The Lightmesh™ system offers much more than the standard lighting control! Human Centric Lighting, also known as the Circadian Rhythm, is key to areas within buildings with no or little natural light. It is also great for areas where long working hours are required.

Find out more information on the Southgate Lightmesh system – CLICK HERE


BEG  – The Lighting Control Professionals

BEG  - The Lighting Control ProfessionalsBEG is a company renowned for supplying high quality sensors for decades. Today it specialises on creating energy saving sensors for buildings, particularly motion and occupancy detectors.

BEG offers sensor solutions for a wide range of applications including:

  • Large areas & extreme heights (such as high-bay warehouses)
  • Long narrow corridors
  • Wash rooms
  • Classrooms
  • Open Plan offices
  • Sports Halls


varilight-logoVARILIGHT is the brand name of Doyle & Tratt Products Ltd the leading British manufacturer of dimmer switches.

Their V-Pro range comprises programmable intelligent dimmers with a choice of dimming modes for wider compatibility. All V-Pro dimmers offer superior dimming technology to deliver the best possible dimming performance for a given load.

To enhance compatibility with the ever-increasing range of lighting options now available to customers, V-Pro dimmers are programmable to offer a choice of dimming modes. In addition, users can set the minimum load level for the dimmer to optimise the dimming range of a particular lighting load.