Kellihers & CT Electric have a full range of lamps to choose from, including
  • LED including GU10, GLS, Candles, MR16, B22 and more
  • Fluorescent tubes, halogen and specialist lamps
  • We have you covered, whatever lamp you need

A wide range of lamps options for all your needs

At Kellihers & CT Electric we stock a wide variety of lamp types, from fluorescent tubes to halogen lamps and the increasingly popular LED lamps. Our diverse range of lamps and tubes makes it easy for you to find exactly the right lamp for the job, while our commitment to stocking high performance, energy efficient options will help save you money on your energy bills.

Leading the way in terms of energy efficiency are the popular LED lamps. We only source quality lamps from market leading suppliers like Philips, and have an extensive range15W E27 LED GLS available throughout our branch network, from GU10’s and candles through GLS lamps and MR16’s plus much more.

We also stock our own brand of lamps, where we have all the traditional bases covered from GU10, MR16, B22, E14 and many more to choose from.

Download our own Lamp brochure here

Energy Efficient LED GLS

Our LED Candle GLS range provides energy efficient direct replacements for standard 40W & 60W halogen lamps. Available in Warm White these efficient replacements are suitable for almost every type of living space. Dimmable options of the GLS are also available if required.

Energy Efficient LED GU10

Our LED GU10 downlight range provides energy efficient direct replacements for the 35W & 50W standard tungsten halogen lamps. Warm White is available and suitable for almost every type of living space and Cool White is ideal for more commercial and office environments.4.9W candle LED lamp