Personal EV Charging points like BPE’s Amstel 7.4 kW are faster at charging batteries from empty to full when compared to using a regular socket


The BPE Amstel 7.4kW EV charger offers integrated Type B RCD and PEN Fault detection devices; this eliminates the need for expensive external RCDs and earth rods


After the initial costs of installation, the cost of running your Electric Vehicle is cheaper – dependent on the car and electricity tariff, a full charge can cost as little as €5



Badger EV Charger – Amstel 7.4kW

The BPE Amstel 7.4kW is a Single Phase AC charger which is adjustable from 6 – 32 A. The Amstel 7.4kW is available with a Type 2 socket or Type 2 tethered cable. The EV Charger comes with a separate Dynamic Load Balancing (DLB) box which is used to curtail the power output of the unit to prevent the home’s main breaker from tripping and causing a blackout. With built-in Type B RCD protection offering 30mA AC and 6mA DC leakage protection to meet international safety requirements. The unit also comes with an integrated PEN Fault detection device which eliminates the need for an earth rod to be installed on site. Located on the front of the unit there is a large LED display which inidcates the current charging state as well as an emergency shutoff button located on the side.

Amstel 7.4kW Main Benefits:

Adjustable from 6 – 32A (7.4kW)
Operating temperature: -25°C – +55°C
Dynamic Load Balancing up to 0 – 99A
Type 2 Tethered or Socket variants available
RFID or Auto-start features
Integrated emergency shutdown button
Integrated 30mA AC and 6mA DC Type B RCD
Integrated PEN Fault Detection Device

Dynamic Load Balancing

Dynamic Load Balancing regulates the charging power to harmonise with other household loads to avoid current overloading the main breaker. This is achieved by reducing the current draw of the EV charger so the system operates smoothly below the house’s limit. This optimises home power usage and avoids tripping the breaker which would cause a power outage.

Amstel 7.4 kW Specification

Power Input 

Input Rating: 230Vac± 10% Single Phase
Wiring: L+N+PE
Frequency: 50/60Hz

Power Output

Output Power: 7.4 kW max
Output Current: Adjustable from 6 – 32 A
Charging Interface: Type 2 tethered or socket only

User Interface & Control

Status Indicator: RGB LED
Emergency Shutdown: External integrated isolator switch
Card Reader: ISO/IEC 14443 A/B Mifare RFID reader

Operating Features

Operating Modes: Adjustable DIP switches for RFID or auto-start modes
Dynamic Load Balancing: External adjustable DLB function up to 99 A


Network Interface: 4G, Ethernet & Wi-Fi


Operating Temperature: -25°C – 55°C
Storing Temperature: -40°C – 70°C
Humidity: 0% – 95% no condensation
Altitude: <3000 m


Ingress Protection: IP65
Cooling: Passive cooling
Dimensions (WxHxD): 140 x 390 x 205 mm
Weight: 6.2 kg
Charging Cable Length (tethered only): 6 m
Installation: Wall-mounted or pole-mounted


Certificate: CE


Warranty: 5 years