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EVBox Livo

EVBox is one of the largest electric vehicle charger suppliers in the world, with over 500,000 units installed worldwide.

The company specialises in ‘smart’ charging, with WiFi/GPRS enabled chargers, users can monitor and restrict access to their charge point, and EV-Box can provide technical support

remotely. Business users can also automatically reimburse staff for charging company electric vehicles, whilst they are charged at their staff members home.

EVBox has a very informative online training module for installers, this module is compulsory before installing any EVBox charger.

EVBox offerings include the NEW Livo and Commercial BusinessLine.

EVBox Livo

Livo is their next generation electric vehicle charger. Enjoy full remote control over your charging sessions with the EVBox Everon app. Packed with intuitive features to make your life easier, EVBox Livo ensures charging at home is quick and simple. Water, dust, and impact-proof, EVBox Livo is designed to withstand the harshest climates and conditions. With built-in safety and security protections, you can rest assured that its built to last.
Enhance your charger over time thanks to over-the-air updates. You decide when to update your charger’s software with new smart charging functionalities that optimise efficiency and maximise safety.


Flexible EV charging solutions for businesses and homes

  • Automated administration with EVBox Everon
  • Coloured LEDs show clear charging status information
  • Winner of the Red Dot Award for Product Design 2023
  • Performs between -30 and + 50°C
  • Quality proven by accredited safety institute DEKRA
  • Industry-leading cybersecurity protections
  • Maximise charging speed via dynamic load balancing
  • Always connected with Wi-Fi, LTE-M or Ethernet
  • Access new features over the airEvBox Livo award


EV Box is available across the 23 branches of Kellihers Electrical and CT Electric

Or Email: info@rexelenergysolutions.ie