LUG Lighting

Our high quality lighting partner, LUG continue to aim for the highest standards in their product ranges! They consistently come up with new solutions and base them on learning to better understand customers’ needs and provide solutions to meet their expectations. They develop innovative options, improve quality of their products and continue increasing their efficiency.

They have focused on the below 3 areas to improve the technical parameters adding more value to our customers in the long term:

  1. INDUSTRIAL – Higher efficacies up to 170 lm/W – View Industrial brochure here
  2. INFRASTRUCTURAL – Higher efficacies up to 156 lm/W – View Infrastructural brochure here
  3. OFFICE – Higher efficacies up to 120 lm/W – View Office brochure here


Working with us will enhance your projects with professional LED luminaires of the highest quality! You will also gain access to our expert range of support service provided by our lighting design team and lighting managers who will be more than happy to provide you with expert solutions for any project!