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NVC prides itself on its product innovation and design, providing a portfolio of award winning, contemporary quality lighting products that perform technically, aesthetically and photometrically and offer outstanding value for money.

The company is well known for its sector leading customer service levels and quality product offering.

NVC Lighting is the UK subsidiary of NVC International Holdings. They are based in purpose-built premises in Birmingham. This includes our offices, 90,000 ft² of warehouse space and an assembly facility for made-to-order products.

From here they serve the Ireland, UK and Norwegian markets directly and manage their subsidiaries in Finland, Denmark and Sweden.

All our products are CE certified. In addition, NVC UK’s business processes are certified to ISO 9001 (quality), ISO 14001 (environmental management) and ISO 45001 (health and safety)


In Kellihers Electrical and CT Electric, we stock an array of NVC products. From their Lithium battery Emergency lighting NVC range, to their energy efficient Aztec Highbays and Fulton edge lit panels.

LED Emergency Lighting

Almost all non-residential buildings require emergency lighting. NVC’s product range of dedicated emergency light fittings covers all the most common requirements and they are all available with the latest lithium battery technology.

Dedicated emergency lighting
These fittings provide illumination in the event of a power failure. They are typically available as:
• Maintained (M3). They work on mains power, automatically switching to using their batteries for up to at least 3 hours when mains power fails, or
• Non-maintained (NM3). They are normally off and only switch on using their batteries for up to at least 3 hours when mains power fails.

Industrial Lighting

NVC’s range of industrial LED lights is broad enough to cover applications as diverse as warehouses with intermittent occupancy requiring sensor controls, car parks requiring fittings with IP65 and IK10 ratings and motor repair shops requiring high light levels for detailed work.

See some of the products that we stock below: