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Designing and manufacturing Robus lighting products under the ROBUS brand, the company was established in Dublin in 1984 by Michael Slein.The LED Group is committed to meeting the needs of today’s wholesalers and contractors through the ROBUS range of commercial, residential and retail fittings

Kellihers and CT Electric branch network stock Robus lighting range of products across the country

We are happy to assist in any questions you may have about the Robus suite of energy efficient products. They are tested to the highest standard. LED Group ROBUS are an ‘LIA Laboratories Registered Photometric Laboratory, meaning that they have successfully met the stringent requirements of the Lighting Industry association (LIA) inspection team.

The Sphere Photometry Scheme, verifies the capability of a manufacturer’s laboratory to test all the normal types of lighting products using an integrating sphere. The importance of this scheme is that it provides an assurance of the validity of the photometric data published by LED Group in relation to the performance of ROBUS lighting products and the lighting designs.

Consequently, LED Group are now permitted to describe their laboratory as a ‘LIA Laboratories Registered Photometric Laboratory’ endorsed by the reputation of the LIA Laboratories (Accreditation to ISO/IEC 17025). This gives our customers the full assurance of the validity of product data for the ROBUS brand.

Robus Lighting have released a brand new catalogue for 2023.

This catalogue offers the most competitive, comprehensive and up to date listings of quality products by the LED Group.

Robus lighting catalogue 2023


Click here to download the 2023 Catalogue

Pick up your copy in your local Kellihers or CT Electric branch.

Don’t forget to check out the ROBUS CONNECT smart range of lighting. Robus have also extended this range to include products like Wifi Doorbell with 1080p camera, plus indoor and outdoor security camera all controllable through your smart phone or tablet with the ROBUS CONNECT App.

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