Renewable Energy
Renewable energy resources-such as wind and solar energy-are constantly replenished and will never run out

Rexel Energy Solutions

The sustainable building market is increasingly popular with electrical installers. If you’re a green sparky we’ve got a host of the latest technologies from a wide range of trusted suppliers.RES Logo

Rexel Energy Solutions is part of Rexel Ireland and they operate via our national electrical wholesale branches, Kellihers Electrical and CT Electric.

Solar PV Solutions

Our renewable range includes Solar PV panels from Trina Solar, & Peimar, plus micro inverters from enphase.

We also deal closely with leading brands such as Trannergy who are dedicated to developing, manufacturing and marketing of solar inverters and are one of the leading brands in the solar industry. Additionally, Fronius who have been closely involved with solar electronics since 1992 want to revolutionise the energy supply of our planet to achieve energy self-sufficiency.

At Rexel Energy Solutions, we stock all the necessary products required for the installation and commissioning of a solar photovoltaic system. We supply everything you need to get your solar PV system up and running, and can deliver throughout Ireland.

Electric Vehicle (EV) Charging

The demand for electric vehicles over the last two years has escalated beyond all expectation, and the infrastructure to meet the need for vehicle charging is now rapidly emerging, particularly in the commercial sector, opening up a huge opportunity for
EV installers.

Rexel Energy Solutions Ireland have teamed up with quality leading brands that bring cutting edge technology in this area. EV-Box provide charging stations with fully modular construction, ready to facilitate the explosion of the EV market, while simultaneously providing uncompromising quality and durability.
Another leading supplier we deal with are Garo who are a leading manufacturer and supplier of charging infrastructure for electric vehicles with smart metering, load balancing & advanced billing.

Home Automation3-4-heating-2-c

Our home automation solutions help residents control the comfort (lighting and heating), security (surveillance) and energy consumption of their homes. We stock leading brands from Google’s NEST thermostat, smoke alarm & indoor/outdoor surveillance cameras, Schneider Mi Genie plus Energenie’s MiHome solution that is now compatible with NEST.

Energy Efficient Heating Solutions

We are now stocking the emerging far-infrared heating technology of Herschel. It requires less
energy to directly heat buildings and people compared to heating the air.
Compared with new technologies such as heat pumps Herschel Far Infrared offers significantly quicker payback times due to the lower costs of installation and lower maintenance involved.

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