Get 10G Ethernet ready with shielded RJ45 Plugs from Gigamedia

Get 10G Ethernet ready with shielded RJ45 Plugs from Gigamedia

Our supplier Gigamedia has been supplying high-quality RJ45 plugs for more than 20 years. Supporting the latest developments in networking infrastructure technology is important. With their new shielded RJ45 plugs, available in Ireland exclusively through Kellihers/CT Electric, Gigamedia is helping Irish installers to future-proof networking installations for emerging high-speed networks, including 10G Ethernet.

This RJ45 plug comes in 3 parts and is compatible with GIGAMEDIA CAT6 F/UTP, CAT6A U/FTP and CAT7 S/FTP rigid cables.
It benefits from a cable clamp located at the rear of the connector to ensure a better grip once crimped onto the cable.

The guide wire facilitates the positioning of conductors on two levels in order to guarantee outstanding electrical performances.

It is supplied with flexible plastic sleeves (Black/Blue) with a protective device for the plastic lug.

Each set of plugs comes with illustrated installation instructions, and Gigamedia has produced a set of handy videos to further aid installers.


Use of a CAT6A U/FTP and CAT7 S/FTP cable is recommended to support 10Gbit/s applications, here is a video showing how to fit the plug in combination with a CAT6A U/FTP LSOH cable.