New Solar PV Panels

New Solar PV Panels

  • April 15, 2024
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New glass-glass bifacial PV Panels

Rexel Ireland, and our branches of Kellihers Electrical and CT Electric, are delighted to bring these two exciting products to the market, from our tier 1 partners in Trinasolar and Astronergy.

Pricing on these types of products, with 30 year product warranty, have never been lower.

Trinasolar pv panel

The Trinasolar product is available in our branch network now, and Astronergy within the next fortnight (by the end of April).

Our account holders benefit from free delivery and up to 90 days credit.

Trinasolar 435w glass-glass, bifacial & transparent

This new breed of ‘full black clear’ PV panel is glass-glass construction, bifacial and has no backsheet – so the small gaps between the cells are transparent.

On a tiled of slate roof, these transparent gaps appear black, giving the PV panel a full black appearance. These panels are also ideal for car ports, bike shelters, covered walkways etc. as the transparency gives a dappled light through the product.



Astronergy 435w glass-glass, bifacial PV panel

This PV panel is made with ‘zero busbar’ technology – eliminating most of the solder lines and solder pads that a conventional PV panel would have, this makes the black appearance more uniform.

Read more about Zero Busbar technology:

Astronergy are a Tier 1 manufacturer and part of the global Chint group (140 countries / $18bn USD revenue)



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Trina solar pv panel