LED: the future of lighting at work, at home… everywhere

LED: the future of lighting at work, at home… everywhere

As we head into 2018 the imperative to switch to cost-effective, energy-efficient LED lighting at home, at work and outdoors is more compelling than ever.

The efficiency, performance and functionality of LED light fittings are improving all the time. Today there really is no reason not to replace old incandescent, halogen or even CFL light fittings with modern, energy-efficient LED alternatives.

Let’s have a quick recap of some of the main benefits of switching to LED lighting:

  • LED lighting saves you money: the simple fact is that by replacing older bulbs and/or fittings with LED alternatives you can save a substantial chunk of your annual lighting bill.
  • LED lighting is more energy efficient: it’s not just about saving money, switching to LED lighting is better for the environment too, delivering equivalent light output using less energy. It’s a real win-win.
  •  LEDs last longer: LED lamps typically last several times longer than their predecessors — so while an LED may cost more to buy, over its lifetime it usually works out cheaper — especially when you factor in lower maintenance costs.
  • LEDs are safer: LED’s give off very little heat, which means they run cool — so no more burnt fingers changing bulbs… and much less of a fire hazard.
  • LEDs are more versatile: available in a staggering array of shapes, sizes, colours and intensities, LED’s can adapt to any situation — from floodlighting a sports stadium to delivering just the right mood lighting for intimate dining, you’ll find an energy efficient LED solution that at least matches the performance of more traditional lighting options.

Another compelling reason to make the switch to LED lighting, particularly on the commercial front, are the government incentives to switch to more energy efficient lighting solutions. One such incentive that’s particularly applicable to making the switch to LED lighting is the Energy Credit grant scheme. At Kellihers & CT Electric we’ve teamed up with a leading electricity supplier to offer our customers easy access to these Energy Credit grants.

Simply book a free Lighting Energy Audit with your Kellihers Lighting Specialists and we’ll visit your premises to calculate the energy savings you could make by switching to LED lighting, and your eligibility for a direct payment under the Energy Credit grant scheme to cover part, and in some cases the entire cost of the project.

The future is bright… the future is LED

LED continues to evolve rapidly and excels in practically every lighting application, offering greater flexibility, performance and efficiency compared to the technology it replaces. The pace of that evolution hasn’t slowed, and as we head into 2018 some of the key trends to look out for in the lighting space include:

Feature-rich, connected luminaires move into the mainstream

Traditionally the “intelligent” circuitry and programming of lighting functionality was dependent on central lighting control units. That’s starting to change as advanced technology allows the incorporation of sensors, processing and connectivity into the luminaires themselves. With potential applications ranging from “smart” outdoor street lighting to self-programming office lighting and self-adjusting lighting automation in the home, look out for an increase in these feature-rich connected lighting solutions over the coming year.

Automated lighting hubs

The self-programming, intelligent learning algorithms seen in automated heating thermostats over recent years (like the Nest Learning Thermostat’s we stock in Kellihers) are migrating to intelligent lighting control hubs. Industry experts predict a significant growth in connected lighting automation control systems over the coming year in outdoor, commercial and residential applications.

Human-centric lighting design becomes a hot-topic

Lighting is one of the factors that has the biggest influence on human perception, mood, behaviour and productivity. Designing lighting solutions based on the intended use of a space is nothing new… but shifting the focus to the science of how lighting influences human performance, comfort, health and well-being is. Welcome to the world of “Human Centric Lighting”.

The versatility of LED lighting and the sophistication of “smarter” automated lighting controls give us more scope than ever to dynamically adjust the lighting of any space to suit people using it in real time. Expect to see much more emphasis on Human-Centric Lighting design over the coming year.

To learn more about human-centric lighting design check out this “Lighting University” webinar from our lighting supply partner Philips, or read the supporting information here.

Experience the future now…

At Kellihers & CT Electric we pride ourselves on staying ahead of the lighting innovation curve. We work with the world’s leading lighting suppliers — industry leaders like LED Group Robus, LUG Light Factory, Disano, OMS, Philips, NVC Lighting, Ansell and B.E.G Controls — to make the latest lighting technology available to our Irish trade customers.

And when it comes to designing your lighting solutions, our dedicated lighting design specialists are here to help, working with you to identify how you can apply the latest lighting technologies and trends to benefit an enhance your next project.

At Kellihers & CT Electric, we’re bringing you the future of lighting today — to unleash it’s potential simply visit your local branch.

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