Innovative ballast-based mounting system simplifies WIT solar project

Innovative ballast-based mounting system simplifies WIT solar project

Through our dedicated renewables division, Rexel Energy Solutions Ireland, Kellihers supplied an innovative mounting system for a 40KW Solar PV installation at Waterford Institute of Technology.

Secured using ballast rather than more traditional fixings the system is ideal for maintaining the waterproof layer on flat-roof solar installations like this one.

As part of an ongoing quest to improve energy efficiency and reduce reliance on fossil fuels Waterford Institute of Technology installed a 40KW solar photovoltaic array on the roof of the School of Business building.

The 40KW installation incorporates 160 x 250 watt panels fixed to the flat-roof of the building. One of the biggest challenges of installing solar panels on a flat roof is the risk of compromising the waterproof integrity of the roof with traditional fixings.

The answer: a frame system that uses ballast to hold it in place, rather than traditional fixings that penetrate the roof’s waterproof layer.

Through Kellihers specialist renewable energy division, Rexel Energy Solutions Ireland, Kellihers Cork successfully specified and supplied the innovative mounting frame for what is one of Ireland’s largest flat roof solar photovoltaic installations to date. (2015)

The award-winning ValkPro+ system requires no fixings or penetration of the flat roof. The entire system is weighted down using ballast, maintaining the integrity of the roof’s impermeable waterproof layer. A unique frame coupling system and integrated wind deflectors reduce the amount of ballast required and makes fitting the frames a very straightforward affair. In fact, the frame infrastructure for the entire 40KW project was installed in just one day.
“It is one of the stepping stones to achieving accreditation to the International Management System Standard ISO 50001 under the Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland (SEAI) Public Sector Support Programme,” said WIT Estates Manager Elaine Greenan, talking about the installation as a whole. “With the assistance of the SEAI through the Better Energy Communities Grant WIT will now reduce its demand on existing fossil fuel power.

“With this system in place and the roll out of our energy champions over the next year we are confident as a community of staff and students that we will hit our 2020 energy obligations of a 33% reduction in energy consumption. We are already at 22.9% so with the continued supports of our energy partners SEAI and the OPW Energy Awareness Campaign we look forward to a more efficient, comfortable and happier WIT,” she concluded.

The complete range of Van der Valk roof and ground solar frames are available from Kellihers Electrical and Rexel Energy Solutions.

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