Kellihers branch generates 88kWh in one day via SolarPV

Kellihers branch generates 88kWh in one day via SolarPV

The sunny weather this summer has given Solar PV systems here in Ireland a real boost. For example, on the 28 June 2018 the 11kW Solar PV installation at Kellihers Tramore Road branch in Cork generated a 88kWh over a 24 hour period.

The graph for the day (see image above) shows that the solar PV system generated a significant surplus of power during daylight hours, easily meeting the branch’s energy requirements and feeding the excess into the grid. It’s a striking illustration of how viable Solar PV systems are here in Ireland, and while not all months will be as sunny as June, even on overcast days the system performs well.

You can see for yourself by viewing real-time data on the Tramore Road Solar PV Installation online.

For more information on Solar PV options in Ireland visit our Renewable Energy Division, Rexel Energy Solutions here, or ask in your local Kellihers or CT Electric Branch.

You can read more about the installation of Solar PV in our Cork Branch here.