Nest and Energenie team up for smarter home heating

Nest and Energenie team up for smarter home heating

Kellihers suppliers Nest and Energenie have teamed up to offer a smarter combined home heating solution pairing the intelligent Nest Learning Thermostat with Energenie’s Smart Radiator Valves for total heating control.

Energenie are proud to announce the new partnership of their Smart Radiator Valves with the intelligent Nest Learning Thermostat. Now owners of the Nest Learning Thermostat can access and control their device via the Energenie Mi|Home app. From there they can set their Home and Away status, select which radiators they want to mirror the heating comfort profile determined by their Nest Learning Thermostat, and even programme exception periods to directly control an individual room’s temperature for a given period.

Selective heating, when and where you need it

With the Nest Learning Thermostat and Smart Radiator Valves you get to choose which rooms you heat when. Why be restricted by predefined “zones” when you can dynamically monitor and control individual radiators in every room in your home? Rather than heating all of your radiators at the same time you simply schedule the system to heat different parts of your home at certain times of the day to suit your needs. For instance there’s no point heating all of your bedrooms during the evening when you’re sitting in the dining room eating dinner, or in the living room watching telly. Instead you can direct the heat to where its needed, when it’s needed.

Using the Nest Learning Thermostat and Smart Radiator Valves in unison means you get to save energy without sacrificing either comfort and convenience. Now that’s smart!

For more information about the Nest Learning Thermostat and Energenie Smart Radiator Valves check out the Energenie website, and of course, you can always ask for details at your local Kellihers branch.