Are you ready for the new twin & earth wiring rules

Are you ready for the new twin & earth wiring rules

From 05 September 2017 all electrical installers and contractors in Ireland will need to use a new kind of twin and earth insulated electrical cable.

To comply with a new amendment of the National Rules for Electrical Installations (ET101:2008, amendment 2.2) all new installations must use an insulated earth conductor that is the same size as the two phase conductors. Use of twin and earth cable with a bare, reduced size protective conductor will be prohibited after the implememntation date.

Cable specification in the new wiring rules complies with the NSAI standard IS 201-4, which was originally published in 2013.

The change is being implemented following an extensive review of standards to address safety concerns, and takes into account changes in building practices and materials, particularly the increased use of plastic in plumbing systems.

It’s likely that the implementation of this change will prove challenging for all sectors of the industry, introducing potential sourcing and supply issues for cable manufacturers and distributors, and possible installation issues for contractors and installers. Traditional conduits for domestic installations will need resizing to accommodate the new cables, while the looping of cables at outlets could also cause problems.

It’s important that everyone in the industry familiarises themselves with the new requirements and is ready to implement them by the September deadline. You can rest assured that here at Kellihers we’ll be doing everything we can to make the transition to the new wiring rules as painless as possible for our customers.

For more information on the new national wiring rules contact us here or get in touch with your local branch.
If you need more details on the National Wiring Rules check out this page on the Electro Technical Council of Ireland site or contact RECI here. Read more about ozguven twin & Earth & Pyrsmian twin earth Please contact us for more details!