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Right Price Tiles

Right Price Tiles – Right LED Lighting Solution

The Right Price Tiles Challenge

Right Price Tiles has a significant national presence across the country with 24 stores dotted across the country. Delivering ideal home flooring solutions across a wide range of quality products. The company recognises the need to invest in its retail outlets, especially when it comes to lighting solutions that enhance the customer buying experience while delivering simultaneous energy savings.

With industry-leading expertise in retail lighting solutions and an unrivalled range of lighting products Kellihers was the ideal lighting supply partner. The Kellihers lighting team provided a complete end-to-end LED lighting solution for this Right Price Tile store. LED technology is currently leading the way when it comes to lighting. As we move away from more conventional incandescent and fluorescent fittings.

The Kellihers Solution

For the Right Price Tiles store in Limerick, the Kellihers team selected LED lighting solutions from innovative Polish supplier LUG. The LUG range delivers the ideal combination of offering a high level service and customer experience of shopping in the Right Price Tile store. While simultaneously saving energy and providing lower maintenance costs for the business. Also Kellihers works closely with LUG Lighting. A supplier with more than 25 years’ experience creating high-tech lighting solutions that excel in specific applications.

LUG Product Used CRUISER_2_LED_katalog-

The LUG Cruiser High Bay was chosen to provide service and expertise by a complete and efficient solution for the Right Price Tiles store in Limerick to replace their old energy sapping high bays. 7 High Bays fittings were suspended, delivering a superb efficacy of >120 lm/W, providing excellent light output across the store and making it easier for customers to both find what they are looking for and appreciate the products on display. The luminaire power of these fittings is 145W per fitting, which replaced their traditional highbay which was 450W per fitting.

This provided a significant energy saving for the Right Price Tiles store in Limerick. The old high bays were burning through 9,345KWH. Unlike new LUG Cruiser fittings estimated to bring this down to 3,011KWH.

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Also, Click here to download the Data Sheet for the LUG Cruiser